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Rewards you for picking up plastic litter

written byMatt Davies Co-Founder, Mossy Earth

Matt Davies

“Every day approximately 8 million pieces of plastic find their way into our oceans. – The majority of that waste then finds its way onto beaches around the world, whilst the remaining plastic is taken out into the deep ocean.” – Surfers Against Sewage, 2018

What is the Tidal Revival app?

Tidal Revival is the world’s first mobile app that rewards people for picking up plastic litter from beaches and water courses, by way of discounted products and service offerings.

The network of Tidal Revival users around the world collect plastic waste from the natural environment and record it in their app. This beach clean up app logs the amount of plastic recovered by the user together with the location of the recovery and a picture of the plastic retrieved. The user is then taken through a short sequence of steps and rewarded with points that are then exchangeable for discount vouchers from local businesses.

Not only will the Tidal Revival app exchange plastic for vouchers, but they will also act as a platform that will notify users with live updates about plastic waste being spotted on beaches around the world – pin pointing the location of the plastic waste and allowing proactive users to quickly react and remove the plastic from the beach before the next tide potentially washes the plastic back into the sea.

Plastic bottle washed up on beach. Pick it up and trade it for a coffee with the tidal revival app.
You could be exchanging an old bottle like this for a soy latte.

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The people behind Tidal Revival

Andy Nions and Rob Martindale, two friends and keen surfers from Newquay, England, created Tidal Revival as a way to encourage more people to pick up plastic at the beach while creating an environmentally conscious currency. – They hope that one day the reward scheme will become as widely used as a credit card or cash in our coastal communities.

The secondary school teacher and product designer, respectively, came up with the idea after watching Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II last year. And, having witnessed and taken part in the great work carried out by local bimonthly beach cleans, they were looking for a way to fill the gaps between those organised beach clean ups and the plastics that come in with each tide on a daily basis.

Surfers in the line up at sunset. Two surfers co-founded the tidal revival app to add an additional level of motivation to beach clean ups.
The Tidal Revival app fills the gaps between organised beach cleans and the plastics that come in with each tide on a daily basis.
Examples of Tidal Revival beach clean app in use on a mobile device

The local connection, all around the world

Tidal Revival aims to grow through partnerships all around the world, with motivated people connecting with their local businesses and communities to establish The Tidal Revival app as a useful tool in tackling plastic pollution in every corner of the world. Only a few months since its launch, and Tidal Revival is already being used to beach clean in a whole host of countries.

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A man exchanging tidal revival app points for a coffee
The Tidal Revival co-founders hope the reward scheme will become as widely used as a credit card or cash in coastal communities.
A beach at low tide with dark clouds overhead

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