Can I work or volunteer at Mossy Earth?

It's great to hear you want to help! Most of our projects don't lend themselves to volunteering on site, although there are numerous other ways you can get involved and contribute your skills...

How can I be sure of my impact?

Transparency is paramount to us and we go to great lengths to ensure that you are able to evaluate our work.

Is Mossy Earth a charity?

We are a social enterprise incorporated as a private limited company in the United Kingdom with a for profit structure...

Can I have my trees planted in just one project?

Unfortunately no, at least for now...

Do you offer a business membership?

Yes, we have the Climate Action Membership for businesses. For more information, check our business page.

Any additional questions or queries?

No question is a silly question. You can send any additional queries to team@mossy.earth or book a call with one of the team.