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The rewilding membership that restores nature across a wide range of ecosystems

Support a diversity of ecosystems
Rewild habitats to bring back biodiversity
Fund neglected species & ecosystems
1. Sign up in under a minute, and cancel anytime
2. Over 80% of your contribution goes on impact
3. Our biologists research and manage every project
4. Track your impact in your account and app
Sign up in under a minute, and cancel anytime
Over 80% of your contribution goes on impact
Our biologists research and manage every project
Track your impact in your account and app
Alex Honnold profile picture
Alex Honnold
Member for 4 years
"I personally love the concept of rewilding, the idea that we can leave the world in better shape than we found it."
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Hazel Findlay
Member for 3 years
"While nothing truly offsets our negative impact on this planet, it feels like a solid step in the right direction. Don't let the perfect get in the way of the good!"

Transparency & Integrity


You receive management plans, 360° photos, GPS coordinates, maps, field reports and on-the-ground videos. We also publish all our actions, costs and impact.

Scientifically informed

Our team of biologists research, implement, and monitor each project following our own rewilding protocol to maximise impact.

Easy to reach

We're always available through emails, Discord, and calls.

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Restore wild ecosystems

Help bring back true wilderness and support biodiversity across a wide range of ecosystems and projects.

Nature is a lot more than just forests and restoring it must go well beyond simply planting trees. The work you will be funding ranges from the bottom of the sea to the mountain tops and everything in-between. This diversity in ecosystems, locations and intervention types ensures that our project portfolio is resilient and its impact long-lasting.

Our work focuses on restoring natural processes, supporting keystone species, and helping neglected species or ecosystems.

To get a feel for what we do, you can browse our projects.

Tiago, one of our conservation biologists, at a deployment for our kelp restoration project

Optimised for impact

Our geographically decentralised team of biologists and project managers allows us to identify and implement actions that achieve the greatest possible impact with the funds we have available.

We have never had to narrow down on a single issue, location, ecosystem or approach and because of this, we have a bird's eye view of the rewilding space. This allows us to go beyond the question of whether a given action is worthwhile and towards the more complex one of whether it provides the best return on investment when compared to all the alternatives we could be focusing on.

To ensure we only select the best projects our team of biologists have developed our own in-depth Rewilding Impact Methodology.

One of our target species - the lesser blind mole rat - a strangely unique creature often overlooked despite its large impact it has on the ecosystem

Based on results

High quality projects can only be designed with a results-based approach. This means that you need scientifically sound ideas, detailed baselines, and long-term monitoring of the outcomes.

All our projects start as a trial and only expand when we can clearly see positive results. This means that when we fail, we do so with small projects and when an idea is good, we can scale it up with full confidence.

This work naturally generates useful data for others as well, which we openly share under our conservation evidence partnership.

Ellie, one of our conservation biologists, surveying a project site

Stay involved every step of the way

We believe it's crucial for you to know what you are funding. As a member you will be able to see an in-depth breakdown of your impact. This includes:

  • All the different actions and project costs you have supported
  • A breakdown of the species and ecosystems you are helping
  • Project updates including blogs, on-the-ground vlogs and 360° photos
  • Detailed project management plans & project podcast discussions with our biologists
  • Beautifully designed monthly field reports & quarterly financial reports

Read more in our Trust and Transparency Methodology.

A beautiful monthly field report and our transparency dashboard

Have your say

We like to keep things personal, and consider our members an extension of our team, so your questions, queries, and feedback are crucial to us.

To stay in sync with our community we have developed a few ways for you to interact with us. These include:

  • A place to discuss new project updates in your account and get any questions answered directly by the team
  • A vote on important decisions related to how we operate
  • Regular Q&As where we answer your questions in a long-form video
  • The opportunity to book a call with a team member

We love to chat with our members. Don't believe us? Book a call :)

About Us

At Mossy Earth we are proudly bootstrapped and fiercely independent. We never took on debt, external investments or philanthropy money and because of this we never rushed things. This means we’ve built our organisation slowly but steadily. And we think this is one of the reasons we have attracted an amazing team that is truly passionate about bringing back wild ecosystems.

We are very proud of this wonderful group of people we have brought together. They are technical and methodical in their work and independent and reliable in their decision making. They put their all into this work and somehow still have energy to make us laugh and smile every day.

Matt & Duarte
Founders of Mossy Earth

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The Mossy Earth team posing together

Our Rewilding Partners

Pedro Prata profile picture
Pedro Prata
Team Leader at Rewilding Portugal
"We partner with Mossy Earth to fund niche and underfunded rewilding interventions to further our goal of bringing back large scale wilderness in Portugal. We run the projects together with their biologists and they provide us with much needed flexibility in the types of projects we can implement."