Transparency dashboard

We want to be as transparent as possible, so on this page you can break down the total impact we've had, the specific actions we've taken, and the costs associated with projects, over the life of Mossy Earth


This shows the ecosystems, and their sizes, which we've impacted across our projects. Projects won't appear here until we've decided they've started having a meaningful impact.

We've impacted
8 forest ecosystems
14 projects

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Temperate mixed forest
137.4 ha
Temperate deciduous forest
43.16 ha
Riparian woodland
142.27 ha
Temperate coniferous forest
47.6 ha
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This shows some of the main species that will be impacted by the work we've done - either directly or a selection of indirectly impacted ones

Bird icon
299 Bird
Plant icon
121 Plant
Invertebrate icon
95 Invertebrate
Mammal icon
50 Mammal
Amphibian icon
35 Amphibian
Reptile icon
20 Reptile
Fish icon
13 Fish
Fungi icon
0 Fungi

We've targeted
299 bird species
21 projects

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Dendrocopos major
Great spotted woodpecker
Circus cyaneus
Hen harrier
Dryocopus martius
Black woodpecker
Gyps fulvus
Griffon vulture
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Quarterly Reports

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Every quarter we provide a summary of our finances.

Project Actions

Project Costs