February 2022

Cave clean up update

Most of the waste has been removed

Since the start of our cave clean-up operation in the Summer, the divers have returned to the cave and most of the large items have been removed now. They also found the populations of olm salamander, the fish and cave sponge were doing well which is good news. However, they spotted waste in areas that had already been cleaned. Since the objects look old, they most likely got there from inaccessible parts of the cave due to current changes. The cave is monitored twice a year, so we will follow the situation closely to see if further cleaning actions will be needed.

Regarding the large "wheel" that we tried to remove from the adjacent lake on the first visit, we haven't yet managed to get it out. The divers returned with a diving balloon to lift it but it wasn't large enough to do the job so we are still looking for an alternative way to get it out that doesn't require expensive machinery.

҆mitovo jezero, a small lake near Ogulin in Croatia surrounded by lush green forest.
This small lake is connected to the cave we are working to restore.