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The rewilding membership that restores nature across a wide range of ecosystems

Support a diversity of ecosystems
Rewild habitats to bring back biodiversity
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1. Sign up in under a minute, and cancel anytime
2. 80+% of your contribution goes on impact
3. Our biologists research and manage every project
4. Track your impact in your account and app
Sign up in under a minute, and cancel anytime
80+% of your contribution goes on impact
Our biologists research and manage every project
Track your impact in your account and app
Alex Honnold
Member for 4 years
"It's a simple and easy way to reduce our impact on the world. I personally love the concept of rewilding, the idea that we can leave the world in better shape than we found it."
Hazel Findlay
Member for 3 years
"While nothing truly offsets our negative impact on this planet, it feels like a solid step in the right direction. Don't let the perfect get in the way of the good!"

Transparency & Integrity


You receive 360° photos, GPS coordinates, on-the-ground videos, and detailed quarterly budget reports. 80+% of membership goes directly on impact. Read more

Scientifically informed

Our team of biologists research, implement, and monitor each project.

Easy to reach

We are always available through emails, Discord, and calls.

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Person planting a tree

A tree planter at our reforestation project in the Scottish Highlands

Restore native forests

Our reforestation projects aim to restore ecosystem services, conserve biodiversity, and combat the impacts of climate change.

Reforestation is not just about increasing tree cover. We look for projects that take into account species diversity and functionality, how trees can provide ecosystem services like soil stabilization and water purification, and their role in providing habitat for local flora and fauna.

Our reforestation projects are an important part of our wider rewilding efforts, which is why we select reforestation projects that will, above all, help to rewild degraded landscapes.

Two Iberian Wolves

We are protecting the Iberian wolf from persecution in northern Portugal

Protect and support wildlife

Recent studies have shown that rewilding is key to restoring biodiversity and fighting climate change. Restoring just 15% of degraded lands in critical areas could avoid 60% of expected species extinction, and capture 30% of the CO2 increase in the atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution.

We have developed a rewilding project selection process that focuses on protecting threatened ecosystems and actively supporting their restoration.

Person looking out over mossy crater

Tiago, our conservation biologist, contemplating what to have for lunch

Optimised for impact

To be suitable, each project must aim to achieve one or more of these objectives that are central to rewilding.

  • Improve habitat integrity and connectivity
  • Result in increased carbon sequestration
  • Restore biodiversity and/ or abundance of native species
  • Prevent spread of invasive species, floods, and soil degradation
Satellite image of Southern Carpathians

The Mossy Earth member account

Stay involved every step of the way

We have made it part of our mission to deliver transparency through technology. This means that we do our best to develop the tools our members need to evaluate the impact of our rewilding and reforestation efforts for themselves.

You have the opportunity for direct contact with the team, and receive 360° photos, GPS coordinates, camera trap footage, and regular on the ground updates. Plus project videos on our YouTube channel, quaterly reports on how we spend your money, and a chance for you to vote on important questions.

Being open and transparent in this way helps us develop trust and to get members engaged with our projects at a deeper level.

Person video calling with one of the co-founders

We love to call with our members, don't believe us? Book a call :)

Join a community

We like to keep things personal, and consider our members an extension of our team, so if you have any questions, queries, or feedback about the membership, be sure to send us an email or even book a call with us.

We also have our community on Discord, Youtube channel, live Q&As, low impact living guides and rewilding articles, all of which are there to inform, educate, inspire, and help you reduce your environmental impact.

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About Us

Mossy Earth Team

Why we launched Mossy Earth

Witnessing first-hand the effects of climate change and the destruction of the natural world on our travels, we were compelled to fight back. But, like so many people, we were overwhelmed by the enormity of the problem and did not know what we could do on an individual level to solve it.

So that is why we created the Mossy Earth membership. It is a pathway to action, empowering you to fight back and have a real impact by restoring key ecosystems and mitigating your carbon emissions.

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The Mossy Earth team posing together on a rock with sunset in background

Our Rewilding Partners

Pedro Prata
Team Leader at Rewilding Portugal
"We partner with Mossy Earth to fund niche and underfunded rewilding interventions to further our goal of bringing back large scale wilderness in Portugal. We run the projects together with their biologists and they provide us with much needed flexibility in the types of projects we can implement."